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About Us

Origin and Brief History of Synthika Trust

SYNTHIKA Trust is a registered, non-profit, social development organization established during the year 2006 by a band of social minded and dedicated Social Workers and Women Activities hailing from the bottom strata of rural society and having a concern over the socio-economic, educational, health and cultural status of the downtrodden, under-privileged and marginalized segments of rural communities living in Lalgudi and Pullambadi blocks of Trichy district, in the State of Tamilnadu, India.

Vision of Synthika Trust

Synthika Trust's vision is inspired wholly by the human values. Synthika visualizes a society in which peace, justice and equality prevail and wherein all citizens irrespective of caste, creed, languages and ethnicity live in peace and in communal harmony. Synthika also envisages a Society where the poor, the marginalized and the under-privileged have an equal opportunity for their involvement in their own development process which only can lead to sustainability in every respect.

Mission of Synthika Trust
To concomitantly support and work towards establishing a just and equitable society by creating favourable conditions especially for the alternatively abled children for a meaningful and disciplined involvement in their own development process whether they are at micro or macro levels.
Synthika's Special project for Differently Abled children
Synthika envisages to provide integrated education and rehabilitation services for the visually impaired, hearing impaired, mentally retarded and orphan children irrespective of any difference or reservations.
Synthika Home

The Home is capacitated to accommodate 34 differently abled children at a given time and provide nutritious food, comfortable shelter and effective health care facilities. The children will be educated at Panchayat union middle school-E.Vellanur, Government Higher Secondary School-Pullambadi along with other normal children under Integrated Education Programme (IED, Inclusive Education for the Disabled secondary stage) with the heip of special teachers. They will be sent to the school that is at 6 kms distance from Synthika Home by only public transport vehicles until the home could own its own transport facilities.

S.No Details Boys Girls Total
1 Visually Impaired Children 2 1 3
2 Hearing Impaired Children 4 1 5
3 Mentally Retarded Children 12 1 13
4 Orthopedic Children 2 - 2
5 Orphans /Semi Orphans Children 10 1 11

This project is being supported purely with the donations from generous minded Donors and contributions from well-wishers and local elites in the absence of external support from other countries.

Facilities provided under the special project
  • The children are given physical, psychological and emotional care at the home.
  • The children are imparted special education with the help of qualified and experienced teachers.
  • The blind children are given braille, Mobility skill training, Daily living skill training (DLS), etc.
  • Audiogram Test, Speech Development Training, Sign Language Development Training, Physiotherapy exercises for Hearing Impaired Children (Deaf and Dumb) are given.
  • Basic Training for Mentally Retarded Children like combing, dressing, bathing, physiotherapy exercise and IQ Test are provided.
  • The children are exposed to physical exercises and sports & games.
  • Periodic medical check-ups are done for the children to upkeep their health status intact.
  • To provide nutritious food, healthcare, recreational facilities and reasonable accommodation.
  • To provide basic life skills like brushing, bathing, combing, dressing, eating and special education for the mentally retarded children.
  • To identify and develop the individual talents of the children in music, drawing, dance, games, etc.
  • To provide speech therapy, sign language, suitable vocational skills for the deaf and dumb children.
  • To provide mobility training and training to identify money.
  • To equip them with some alternate skills according to their mental and physical capabilities in tailoring, embroidery, computer operation, typewriting, production of envelopes, file pads and notebooks, decorative and fancy articles production etc. to enable them to become self-dependent and sustainable later.
  • To procure the required aids like hearing aids, calipers, wheel chairs, crutches, etc. from the government rehabilitation department and other private organizations.
Community Based Rehabilitation Programme
  • Special education and physiotherapy practices will be given for the differently abled children at their doors in the villages.
  • Awareness camps will be organized for Women and girls to prevent births with disability. Parents meeting and Early Intervention Camps will be also organized both at Home and village levels.
  • Guidance and support will be given to the differently abled children and youth to get free disability aids and equipments from Government Rehabilitation Departments.
List of Board Members

S.No   Name Designation
1   Mr.Selvaraj.T Managing Trustee
2  Mrs.Jesintha Mary.S Financial Trustee
3   Mr.Christopher Sagayaraj.J Secretary
4   Mr.Edwin Vijaya Ravi.A Member Trustee
5   Mr.Anguraj.V Member Trustee